Nurtures learner-led exploration and discovery.

Forest school looks much deeper than a one-off trip to the forest. It's about getting to know an outdoor place well and having the time to settle in enough to learn from that environment. The forest school ethos values intrinsic motivation to learn about what intrigues you, leading you to seek answers to your own questions rather than accumulate knowledge for its own sake. Participants are encouraged to choose from anything that catches their attention and to play, explore, improvise and experiment.

Invites hands-on, experience based learning.

Forest school is all about being fully immersed in nature, and experiencing connection with the world through all of our senses. We are going to listen to the birds singing, the water rushing, and the wind in the trees. We are going to feel the dirt, and the water, and the mud and the plants. We are going to taste the food the land provides for us and smell the flowers, herbs and spices. We are going to slow ourselves down, tune in our attention and use our sight to observe the way the earth changes with the seasons.

Supports appropriate risk-taking.

Forest school creates a safe, non-judgmental environment for learners to take risks and try new things. It nurtures a deep and meaningful connection with the world and an understanding of where the learner fits within it. Our approach to risk allows us to constantly expand on our abilities by solving real-world problems, and building self-belief and resilience. We believe risk-taking is a natural and holistic part of learning as everything we do involves risk, and we grow by overcoming the fear associated with the unknown. This supportive environment fosters the development of healthy, independent, creative and resilient learners.