Combines the Tinkergarten curriculum with the Forest School ethos for a truly one of a kind experience where COMMUNITY is the priority.

The core of the curriculum will follow along with Tinkergarten and all of the other families meeting and participating in Tinkergarten programs around the world. Then we will dive deeper into our connections with nature as we apply the forest school ethos to encourage further play and exploration. But truly, the heart of this program is to create a community of like-minded individuals to walk beside as we take back childhood for our children and generations to come.

We will have several community outings a month, free of charge. We will go hiking, have lake days, visit museums, play at the park, visit farms, and I'd love to eventually have a Bend Family Nature School community garden. I have big dreams for this little community!

Regularly practices crucial social and emotional regulation skills.

Above and beyond learning how to build a deeper connection with nature, we will be practicing and actively applying import skills to help us connect more authentically with ourselves and each other. Skills such as grounding, nervous system regulation, identifying triggers, communicating boundaries, meditation, breathing techniques and more, all at a developmentally appropriate level for each individual. We will be leaning into connection with nature as a conduit for deeper interpersonal connection in our day to day lives.

Gallery access for professional, candid photos of your experience with your family.

As a professional photographer, I thought that it would be such a fun addition to document these important moments of learning, discovery, and connection, so I've decided to include gallery access for all families that enroll for either one month or full term.

I will snap some images during free play and exploration times, and edit and upload photos from each class to a gallery for the term. You will then receive an email with a four digit code that will allow you to download your photos in full resolution.

For families that choose to enroll for the full term, I will also be offering an end of term family photos day, where you will have the option to participate in highly discounted mini sessions for Family Adventure Portraits.

During enrollment all participants will have the opportunity to sign a release that will let me know whether or not they want their family to be included in this opt-in.