Child-led, play-based learning.

Children learn the best when their curiosity is free to lead the way. This program gives them the freedom to play and explore wherever their questions lead them with gently guided activities and avenues for discovery. Each lesson is strategically engineered to engage the whole family in play that they simply can't refuse, and to equip parents to support their children's playful learning. Nature is our classroom, creatures are our teachers, and mud and sticks are our tools.

This curriculum supports the development of the following eight essential skills:






-Problem Solving

-Sensory Development


Each term of 10 lessons is designed to facilitate the development one of these skills. Every two years we will repeat this 8-skill cycle, allowing learners to revisit core concepts at a more advanced developmental stage, while adding new twists to the curriculum.

Proven and impactful.

After more than 30 years, the proof is in the data.

87% of Tinkergarten families spend more time outdoors.

85% of kids show improved ability to focus their attention.

90% of kids play independently more often and for longer.

93% of caregivers feel better prepared to engage their children in playful learning.

Designed for family involvement.

While Tinkergarten's core program was created to be developmentally appropriate for ages 18mos-8years the child-led, play-based approach supports a wide range of individuals in engaging, deep and meaningful learning.

Part of the beauty of this school is that you don't drop off your child and leave. You get to stay and explore, discover, and get dirty right alongside your child. You get to witness their wonder as they nurture a deeper connection with themselves, their world, and you; and it's a truly beautiful experience.